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Gordon's Homes Sales is the exclusive supplier of Tene Kaubandus Log structures in Western Canada. These DIY Building Kits are made from high quality Nordic Spruce, and imported from Estonia. Our units make make great garden sheds, saunas, gazebos, garages, cabins or man-caves and she-sheds.


Welcome to West Coast Log Structures

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of products to suit a variety of needs for our customers. 

Our structures are perfect for the following uses:

- Man Caves or She-Sheds

- Guest Cabins or Vacation Cottages

- Garden Sheds or Storage Units

- Saunas

- Gazebos or Garages

- Craft Studio, Art Studio or Yoga Studio

- Office Space

These DIY Structures are manufactured in Tallin, Estonia and are both mass-produced and built to order, meaning we can do custom orders upon request. You have the option in wall thickness of 28mm, 40mm and 70mm, which can be further insulated during assembly. These units can also be supplied with electrical and water supply connections after it is built on your property, however please note that this may require approval from an engineer. 

We ensure high quality with well–considered elements, such as:

• Wind–resistant corner joints

• Doors and Windows from glued timber are glazed with real glass, and have tilt–and–turn openings.

• 70mm units have double–glazed Doors and Windows, seals and aluminium water drips.

• All the houses have pressure treated foundation beams.

• 40mm and thicker wall boards are double–grooved.

• Skirting and floor boards cut to match the design are included.

• All the models have storm bars, corner joints of 70mm units have metal support bars.

• All of our models are complete with an assembly kit, and a thorough installation manual.

Our products are manufactured from high quality raw materials using state–of–the–art technology and contemporary machinery. Our primary aim is to manufacture perfect units and ensure their accurate and timely delivery to our clients. We have produced various models for diverse applications to the custom designs of our clients, thus we have experience and know–how for more sophisticated projects. 

We will ensure you that your order will be fulfilled in the best possible way.


Unique Models


Years of Experience


Units Produced Each Year

Our Popular Units - No Building Permit Required!

The Alabama - $2799

9' x 11' - 99 sq.ft.

The Bunkie - $5999

9'.5" x 9'.9" - 99.3 sq.ft. 

The Nevada - $2999

9' x 11' - 99 sq.ft.

What our customers are saying

We put the shed together, sealed and painted it in less than 2 weeks. Nanaimo Sheet Metal cut the 2 roof pieces and the ridge cap. Had it to the eaves the first day and the wooden roof on by end of the second day. We are very proud of how it turned out. 

 Thanks to you!

Doug - Purchased a Trondheim

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